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Own The Road. For Less.

We save trucking & transport companies a lot of money. To date, we've saved our clients $30 million.

How much can we save you?

Chances are, transportation costs are costing you a bundle. We can fix that. We drive your savings by going for the trucking and transport sweet spot: reducing transportation costs.

Toll charges are expensive, difficult to manage and toll lines can be time and fuel consuming. The BestPass total toll pass and weigh station solution puts money into your pocket; not the other way around. You can expect to save between 5 – 20% on top of existing toll pass discounts.

We save companies a lot of money on transportation costs, but you probably guessed that. Don’t be a carrier who wastes valuable time, money and fuel at toll booths and weigh-stations. When saving your company money and time at the tolls is our goal, the most important thing is how much we do it and how often we do it. Our trusted customer-service and toll management tools are only the icing on the cake.

Quite simply, we partner with the toll providers in a big way. That way, we're able to pass bulk savings on to you and your company. You may be spending up to 20% more than you have to AND wasting valuable time in toll and weigh station lanes.

With origins in the trucking business, we know toll costs can cut deeply into travel and haul budgets. And that's a problem. We also know the frustration of lost toll receipts and the agony of long lines at the tolls and weigh stations. The BestPass solution is simple, easy and a no-hassle way to put more money back into your pockets. You deliver the goods and services and we'll deliver the savings, we promise.

Immediate, risk-free, no-cost savings on commercial toll usage. Our single Fusion transponder allows you to drive through all EZ-Pass tolls and through Pre-Pass, NorPass and NCPass weight stations. State-of-art management tools. Top-notch customer-service. Simple, useful monthly reporting. No vehicle limitations. Free Coffee (Again, at no cost, but you’d have to actually hang out with us in our offices).

Stop Wasting Time & Money. Start Saving Today

Transport. Save. Repeat. You don’t hear that too often. There’s always time to start though. Saving your time, your money and your fuel are more important than ever. If you are still paying cash for tolls, you may be spending 20% more than you have to and wasting valuable time in toll lanes.


Eva McClellan - Operations Manager, Zeke Unlimited, Inc.

I am an owner operator of a small fleet of trucks. BESTPASS is the BEST, their customer service representatives are always friendly and knowledgeable. They make the whole process effortless so I can get back to the business of trucking.


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